The Windermere Wild Swim, Lake District

When is the Windermere Wild Swim?

The 2018 Windermere Wild Swim takes place on Sunday 26th August 2018, at Fell Foot Park in the Lake District.

About the Windermere Wild Swim

1000’s of visitors dive into Lake Windermere each year. For some, it’s just a chance to cool off and put a toe in the water. Others, however, prefer a bit more of a challenge.

The Windermere Wild Swim attracts competitors from all over the country. It’s a gruelling 5km swim, covering almost a 3rd of the great Lake. Albeit one that takes place in some of the most beautiful surroundings in the United Kingdom.

If you’re wishing to take part, then you’ve still got time to sign up. Entries close on Friday 24th August, so if you’re staying in a Windermere Spa Suite all weekend, you can deliver your form in person. The actual event then starts at 9 am, Sunday 26th August 2018, with an estimated end time of around 11.15am. Those of you already signed up, make sure you’re on site for an 8 am registration.

Windermere Wild Swim

As for what to wear for the Windermere Wild Swim, most entrants will be swimming in a wetsuit. However, this isn’t a strict requirement, unless water temperatures drop below 15 degrees. So if you are planning to take the plunge in just your swimming trunks, best check the website the day before for confirmation.

Those going for the non-wetsuit option, there is just one other thing to consider and that’s you need wear a tow float. Speaking of which, while anyone can enter, the health and safety of competitors is still very important. The natural lake also means there’s a natural current. As such the organisers are able to shorten the 5km swim if they feel the need to do so.

If swimming isn’t your thing, then don’t worry. The Windermere Wild Swim is still worthy of a spectators sport. Take an early morning picnic and find a spot along the water’s edge to watch the action. The views along the south Lakes are incredible, from the start at Fell Foot in Windermere all the way to Gummers Hall. What’s more, you can always take a paddle in the water once the race has finished. Alternatively, how about just relaxing in your own private hot tub back at your Windermere Spa Suite?

Where to Stay in Windermere, Lake District

It doesn’t matter if you’re taking part in the Windermere Wild Swim, watching or just happen to be in the Lake District the same weekend. You don’t really need an excuse to check into a Windermere Spa Suite.

Although that said, any keen swimmers out there can stay at the Windermere Tranquil Retreat and still use the pool at Aphrodites Lodge. It’s included within your stay, along with that all important private hot tub and your own landscape garden.

Thinking of taking part in the Windermere Wild Swim in the Lake District, but left it too late? Don’t worry, there’s always next year!

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