Windermere Epic Lakes Swim 2019

Windermere Epic Lakes Swim 2019

There’s still time to enter the Windermere Epic Lakes Swim, with entries closing on the 12th September 2019.

What is the Windermere Epic Lakes Swim?

The Windermere Epic Lakes Swim 2019 is the last of a series of wild swimming events, which run every year in the Lake District. So if you like the idea of wild swimming in one of the most beautiful parts of Britain, this could be just for you.

Distances covered include a deceiving yet challenging 500-meter race, the 1-mile course and the gruelling 5km event. As well as being aimed at those who are used to competitive swimming, the very nature of outdoor swimming is something else.

Unlike swimming indoors, the Windermere Epic Lakes Swim faces the elements of the outdoors face on. While our hotel pool and spa suite hot tubs can be regulated, there’s no way of guaranteeing the temperature of Lake Windermere.

When does the Event Take Place?

The Windermere Epic Lakes Swim 2019 runs for 1 day only on the 15th September. With the main event, the 5km swim, setting off at 8am in the morning.

During the course of the same day, the 1-mile swim is at 11.30am and the 500 meters taking place at 1.30pm. Although allow yourself plenty of time to arrive at the starting point, as well as time to (quite literally!),  soak up the atmosphere.

The starting point is at YMCA Lakeside, just a 20-minute drive from Windermere Tranquil Retreat. Plus there are parking facilities available once you reach your destination.

How do you enter the Windermere Epic Lakes Swim?

With the deadline fast approaching, enter online by Thursday 12th September, ready for the event taking place on Sunday of the same week.

That also means you have less than a month to arrange your last minute package break in the Lake District. So why not treat yourself and stay somewhere in style, our spa suites with hot tubs in Windermere are idea. Both for competitors looking for those health benefits of a pamper session while they’re away, or spectators who just wish to unwind.

Although, if you are taking part entry costs between just £20 and £32 per person. All swimmers are required to wear a wetsuit. The exception being those who have previous experience of “skin swimming” in similar conditions. In which case, evidence is needed to be provided at the point of submitting your application.

As always with these sort of events, please ensure you read the rules and regulations before entering and booking your spa break in the Lake District.

Where to Stay for the Windermere Epic Lakes Swim

If you are taking part in the Windermere Epic Lakes Swim 2019, book a Windermere spa suite with hot tub. You’ll certainly feel the benefits the day after!

Book a last-minute package break in the Lake District at the Windermere Tranquil Retreat. We’re only a short distance from the Lake and a 2-minute walk from Aphrodite’s Lodge. At which point you can either make use of the hotel pool or treat yourself to a well-earned sports massage.

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