Wild Swimming in Windermere and the Lake District

Wild Swimming in Windermere and the Lake District

Wild swimming in Windermere is popular whatever the weather. Some people enjoy the more extreme swimming activities, where you put on a wetsuit and venture into deep waters. Others may be on a relaxing spa break in the Lake District and just want to dip their toes in the water. Whatever the reason, wild swimming in Windermere and the Lake District is an amazing experience.

The waters edge is only a short walk from your spa hotel. So, you can always go for an early morning swim in Lake Windermere and be back in your hot tub by lunch. As to where to go wild swimming in Windermere, Borran’s Park at Waterhead is a good place to start. Providing you don’t venture out too far the waters are shallow and the water temperature fairly mild.

However those looking for wild swimming in Windermere for the more experienced swimmer, you can either go it alone or join a guided tour. Chill Swim and Swim the Lakes offer guided swims, where you can join a group and swim the length of Lake Windermere.

Swimming in Lake Windermere

As for an early evening swim, think back to Waterhead. During the day, however, be aware the waters will be busy with boats and passenger steamers. Therefore stick to the west bank, you will be out the way of the shipping line, albeit surrounded by others enjoying the water. It’s a good spot to park up, as you can get close to the lake itself. That way, you can leave a spare change of clothes back in the car.

Whenever you go wild swimming in Windermere, be mindful that it is a lot different from going to your local swimming pool. Currents can add an unknown quantity to how difficult the swim may be. While just because the sun is out, don’t think that means it’s going to be warm in the water. Many wild swimmers protect themselves in a wetsuit, while those just in a pair of swimming shorts often take a tow float just in case.

Windermere Wild Swim 2018

For the ultimate wild swimming challenge in Windermere and the Lake District, sign up to the Windermere Wild Swim. The event takes place on Sunday 26th August 2018. You can still book your place to take part this week, with entries closing on Friday 24th August.

The wild swimming event has competitors tackle the 5km course. The route is along Lake Windermere, the largest body of water in the Lake District. The starting line is at Fell Foot and takes you past Gummers Hall for a scenic swim.

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