Spa Treatments in Windermere

Why a Spa Break in Windermere?

As a result of the current times, spa treatments in Windermere are few and far between. However, at the Windermere Tranquil Retreat, things are set to change. Once any lockdown restrictions are lifted and we are able to welcome guests, we have something special in store.

While other spa facilities may have to await the go-ahead, we have processes in place to bring the spa treatments to you. Available within your rooms, while adhering to any social distancing and PPE requirements that may still be in place.

Hot Tub Spa Suites in Windermere

As well as an experienced massage in the comfort of your own room, you can also gain the use of your very own private hot tub. The therapeutic jets being widely recognised as beneficial to a number of health concerns.

In particular, soaking in hot tub can help with the likes of arthritis. As well as long-term sporting injuries or pain relief for those aching muscles. Along with lowering your blood pressure when it comes to stress relief, hot tubs can even maintain blood-sugar levels within diabetes sufferers.

If, however, you do have any underlying health concerns please ensure you check with your GP. As while we are here to help, it’s always good seek additional professional advice. Likewise, should you wish to call the Aphrodites Group ahead of booking or simply ask one of our therapists upon arrival for more information.

Spa Treatments in Windermere

While we remain cautious about any forthcoming government announcements, we are proud of our recent achievements. As well as launching 4 new incredible spa suites last year, we can now introduce in-house spa treatments.

During which one of our fully trained therapists will be able to join you in your spa suite. This is currently exclusive within the Aphrodites Group to our Tranquil Retreat property. Although that’s not to say we won’t roll-out across other rooms at a later date.

As part of our services, we are offering a range of full-body massages. These are all available at a set cost of £60 per session, including a choice from therapeutic, deep tissue or Swedish massages. As well as an Indian head massage with facial, again at £60 per session.

In keeping with the wider experience of a hot tub spa break, these are designed with your general well-being in mind. Just as effective on being kind to your spirit as they are beneficial to relaxing your body.

Please refer to our spa treatments page here for further details. Although if you do have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Book the Windermere Tranquil Retreat

As well as searching for spa treatments in Windermere, why not go that extra step and book yourself into a hot tub spa suite? Here at the Windermere Tranquil Retreat, we have a choice of 11 rooms available.

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