Spa Hotels in Windermere

All of our spa hotels in Windermere offer spa suites and hot tubs, including the recently expanded Tranquil retreat. Earlier this year the Windermere Tranquil Retreat opened 4 new rooms, alongside it’s Garden Suite, Penthouse Suite and Penthouse Retreat.

Windermere Tranquil Retreat

Below we take a look at the spa suites available at the Windermere Tranquil Retreat. Where you can book a package break in the Lake District, with a taste of luxury perfect for every occasion.

The Garden Suite

With this fantastic room, you can stay in a spa hotel in Windermere that comes with stunning views of the Lake District. As well as an outdoor hot tub, all from the comfort of your own private garden. As well as the landscaped garden the spa suite comes with all the similar facilities as the rest of our rooms listed below.

The Penthouse Suite

Another room within our spa hotel in Windermere with its own private garden and hot tub is the Penthouse Suite. Called as such due to providing guests with the ultimate in luxury for those package breaks in the Lake District.

The Penthouse Retreat

While the retreat may not have its own garden, it makes up for it with the stunning views available from the 1st floor spa suite. Although with a log burning fire and that all-important hot tub, you may wish to hide away from the outdoor world.

The Zen Suite

New for 2019, the Zen Suite is the chance to be at one with your inner peace. Whether that be meditating while sat in the hanging bubble chair or simply drifting off as you lay in the private hot tub.

The White Room

Another of our new spa suites introduced earlier this year is the White Room. With a private balcony from the 2nd floor, the views across the Lake District make this a must stay for those looking for spa hotels in Windermere.

The Grand Spa Suite

As for the 3rd of our new spa suites for 2019, the name says it all. The outdoor area features a private landscaped garden, with both a Swedish Barrel Sauna, outdoor hot tub and spectacular views of the Lake District countryside. Then off course there’s the hotel room itself, with a cinema room, sunken bath, king size bed and much more.

The Rose Gold Suite

Last but no means least, is our classic Rose Gold Suite. The easily accessible room is another popular choice within our Spa Hotels. The spacious room has similar key features to a number of our spa suites, with its outdoor hot tub and barrel sauna.

Spa Hotels in Windermere

The Windermere Tranquil Retreat is part of a chain of Spa Hotels in Windermere, alongside our Boutique Spa Suites and Aphrodite’s Lodge Spa Hotel. Meanwhile for a romantic cottage break in the Lake District book into Rose Cottage, a stand-alone spa cottage in Windermere.

Spa Suites in Windermere

The above spa suites in Windermere are all available to book at the Tranquil Retreat. With even more rooms and special offers at our other Spa Hotels in Windermere, there’s a spa suite and hot tub for every occasion.


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