Reasons for Celebration in the Lake District

There are many reasons for celebration in the Lake District. It could be that you deserve a holiday having gained a promotion or maybe you’re celebrating a special birthday. However you decide to celebrate once you’re surrounded by the wonderful landscape of Cumbria, is entirely up to you.

Reasons for Celebration in the Lake District

  • Wedding Proposals and Honeymoons
  • Anniversaries and Birthdays
  • Celebrating a New job
  • Romantic Spa Breaks
  • Just Because You’re Worth it

Wedding Proposals and Honeymoons

One doesn’t come without the other, so why not celebrate both at a romantic spa hotel in Windermere. It could be that you’re planning to drop the big question, in which case there are a number of perfect locations in and around Cumbria.

As for the wedding itself, then you can always book a spa suite in Windermere as your honeymoon location. In which case at the Windermere Tranquil Retreat, you have full access to Aphrodite’s Lodge. Not only that but at Windermere Beauty Treatments there’s even a special “mini-mooners” spa package available.

Anniversaries and Birthdays

Wedding anniversaries and birthdays are always a good reason for celebration in the Lake District. However, they unless it’s reaching a particular milestone they can all too often just pass you by.

As such, why not treat someone you love to a romantic package break in the Lake District. After all, why should turning 91 be celebrated any differently to 21?

Celebrating a New Job

Are you on the verge of leaving a stressful job or about to embark on a new career? Whichever stage of your working life you’re at, why not take a well-deserved break before the next chapter. With the spa and pool facilities available at the main hotel, along with Windermere Beauty Treatments, our tranquil retreat provides just that.

Romantic Spa Breaks

Are you visiting the Lake District Wedding Fair? Looking for a last minute spa package for Valentine’s Day? It could be the chance to tell your partner you love them, without any reason at all. After all, with a spa suite and hot tub in Windermere, every day is cause for a celebration right? If you choose a romantic package break in the Lake District, you can spoil your wife or girlfriend with more than just champagne and flowers.

Just Because You’re Worth it

Then there’s the real reason why you should book a spa hotel in Windermere. For no other reason than just because you’re worth it. Everybody deserves to feel special, so why not treat yourself to a pamper session at a spa suite? Massages and make-overs, as well as hot tubs and swimming pools. We have access to it all at the Windermere Tranquil Retreat.

Book a Romantic Spa Hotel in Windermere

Whatever you’re reasons for celebration in the Lake District, why not book a than a romantic Spa Hotel in Windermere. Our Tranquil Retreat is perfect for those romantic occasions, as well as a chance to indulge in luxury on any occasion.

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