Playing Tennis in Windermere, Lake District

Playing Tennis in Windermere, Lake District

As Wimbledon is well underway and the sun is shining, tennis courts up and down the country are starting to get busy. Playing tennis in Windermere is no different. Every year is the same as the calls of “Anyone for Tennis?” sends the country into a sporting frenzy. Amateur players can be found dusting off their rackets, while newbies are rushing to the nearest sports shop.

Wimbledon this year has been overshadowed by the impressive run of England in the World Cup. However, the tennis is starting to reach its climax and the Russian World Cup final has since been decided. So maybe it is the perfect time to try out the local courts after all.

Where to Play Tennis in Windermere

Head to the Queens Recreational Ground in Windermere and you will come across Windermere Lawn Tennis Club. While you can sign up to become a member or practice your skills with a private coach, guests are always welcome. As such, you could even bring your own personal trainer to help focus on your sports conditioning. There are even allocated nights of “Social Tennis” where you can meet the regulars. If you’re away on a spa break in the Lake District and fancy playing tennis in Windermere, it’s a great way to still be on the same team.

You can find tennis courts dotted around a number of the parks in Windermere. As such they don’t have to always be affiliated with a tennis club. Glebe Park, for example, is a recreational park close to the Lakes. As well as the tennis courts, its also home to some of the most popular pitch and putt in Windermere. There’s even a football-themed golf course too, which will keep the World Cup fans happy!

Other Tennis Clubs in the Lake District

Just because you’re staying in a spa hotel in Windermere, it doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time in the hot tub. So while popping out for a quick game of tennis is a great idea, you can always venture a little further.

If however, you don’t want to travel too far away from your spa facilities, Ambleside is only just down the road. White Platts in Ambleside is worth a visit. You can always make a day of it with another round of pitch and putt. It is, however, the 3 courts available that tennis players will be keen to get out on ready to serve.

Elsewhere in Cumbria, on the outskirts of the Lake District, Penrith Leisure Centre is worth looking into. Furthermore, the facilities are all indoors, perfect whatever the weather. So, don’t go worrying about the rain! If you’re not visiting the Lakes until later in the year, you can still pack your tennis racket.

Book a Windermere Spa Suite

While staying in our Windermere Boutique Spa, you can soak in your own hot tub or embrace the outdoors with a private landscaped garden. If you do decide on a game of tennis, then there’s always time for a sports massage at the nearby Aphrodites Lodge Hotel.

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