Miles Without Stiles

What is Miles without Stiles?

Miles without Stiles is a scheme allowing accessibility to the Lake District regardless of any personal mobility concerns. If you’re in a wheelchair, unsteady on your feet or visually impaired, there are still plenty of routes to enjoy. All of which, as the name would suggest, allow you to travel miles without stiles. In other words, there aren’t any obstacles that may get in your way.

In fact, there are officially 48 routes in the Lake District National Park that come under Mile without Stiles. Covering various distances and come with their own grading in terms of accessibility, gradients and surfaces covered.

While the Lake District is open to adverse weather conditions, there are of course times when pathways can become damaged. It’s the natural effect of being eroded over time. However, as part of ensuring visitors to the Lake District can travel miles without stiles, the authorities do carry out repairs in a timely manner. As such, even mother nature won’t get in the way of you enjoying your package break in the Lake District.

Mobility in the Lake District

All 48 routes are set out into 3 main categories. Those that are “For All”, “For Many” or just “For Some”.

While mobility in the Lake District may be down to the individual to use their own judgement, this handy guide is a good starting point. Advising visitors of the suitability of each route, their steepest gradients and general overview of the surface conditions.

As is the natural way of the Lake District, some terrain is easier to navigate than others. That’s why Mile without Stiles takes care and consideration over who each route may be targeted at. While some walks may be more suited to those who require assistance, others can be handled with the use of an off-road mobility scooter and wheelchairs.

When it comes to the spa suites at our Windermere Tranquil Retreat, the health benefits of a hot tub are an ideal excuse for a holiday. Especially for those with mobility concerns. The relaxing qualities of a hot tub and the natural massaging aspects of the water jets can work wonders on the muscles. Likewise, when it comes to booking a massage with our resident therapist at Windermere Beauty Treatments.

Please do always consult with a professional prior to booking a spa suite with hot tub or massage therapy.

Spa Package Break in the Lake District

If you are travelling to the Lake District and in need of any assistance, please contact us ahead of your booking. Our team will be happy to assist with any queries you may have, including further details on accessibility. It’s our aim to make your spa package break in the Lake District as enjoyable as it is for everybody else.

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