Ideas for Summer Windermere Walks

Ideas for Summer Windermere Walks

There are so many Windermere walks to choose from, whether it be a brisk morning stroll or a challenging hike through the mountains. One thing for certain, Windermere walks always come with rewarding views. After all, there’s a reason why so many tourists visit Windermere during the summer months.

Summer Windermere Walks

Here we take a look at some ideas for Windermere walks, ideal for the summer or throughout the year.

Orrest Head

It’s the viewpoint everyone that takes a break in the Lake District needs to experience. Head north along the A591 before taking a woodland path up the hill. It’s a fantastic idea for summer evenings, where you can see far into the distance, before heading back as the sun go down.

West Shore Walk

The West Shore Walk incorporates a trip on the water, by taking the ferry. As well as the relaxing boat ride, it’s also our flattest of Windermere walks. It doesn’t take in any hills, plus it also visits Wray Castle along the way.

School Knott

One of the great things about circular Windermere walks, is they don’t really matter where you start them. As well as Lake Windermere, this rewarding walk heads along the railway line and over Langdale Pike

Tarns Walk

During those long summer days, the natural beauty of the Lake District comes into its own. The wildlife is in abundance and on a clear day the views can be outstanding. Tarns Walk certainly has it all, covering around 6.5 miles of walking.

Hawkshead to Lake Windermere

If you find yourself in Hawkshead during your package break in the Lake District, this is a great walking route taking you back to your Windermere spa suite. It should take no more than 3 hours, so it’s a good way of keeping fit.

Distance-wise its 5.5 miles and you can reward yourself with a ferry trip across Lake Windermere before relaxing in your hot tub.

Walk Around Lake Windermere

If you’re thinking of walking the all the way around Lake Windermere, you’ll certainly be in need of your hot tub by the end of it. As the largest body of water in the Lake District, the circular route is a staggering 32 miles. It could be one to build up to and aim for once you’re fit enough. So best get down the gym and put in some training, given it’s longer than the Windermere Marathon!

There are many more walking routes for you to discover in Windermere. There’s no wonder Sir Alfred Wainwright managed to write so many books on the subject. After all, he still had the rest of the Lake District to cover while he was at it!

Spa Package Break in the Lake District

Whichever of our Windermere walks you decide upon, they will help make your package break in the Lake District a holiday to remember. It’s not just the scenery that will make a break in Windermere a great choice either. Here at the Windermere Tranquil Retreat, you can enjoy a spa suite with a hot tub and many other facilities.

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