Health Benefits of a Hot Tub

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Health Benefits of a Hot Tub

Experience the health benefits of a hot tub first hand, by booking a spa package break in the Lake District. As well as proving beneficial both physically and mentally, you can also enjoy the stunning surroundings of the British countryside.

Booking a spa package break in the Lake District comes with many advantages. One of which are the health benefits of a hot tub, which are definitely worth noting. After all, it’s not all about bathing under the stars enjoying a drink from the mini bar. There are more important reasons why our spa suites include hot tubs.

4 Well-Known Health Benefits of a Hot Tub:

  • Relieves Stress – We all deserve some pampering once in a while, so the chance to relax and unwind does our stress levels a world of good. Just like taking a long bath, a gentle soak surrounded by scented candles, mood lighting and great company can be the ideal night in.


  • Reduces Blood Pressure – As well as the positive effect on our stress levels, the health benefits of a hot tub are even more scientifically proven. While the right gym session and advice of a qualified trainer is good for the heart, so are the massaging qualities of a hot tub. The hydrotherapy of a hot tub helps dilate the blood vessels, in much the same way as a workout, but with less of the effort!


  • Lowers Blood Sugar Levels – The long term health benefits of a hot tub have been proven to lower blood sugar levels and help those with type 2 diabetes. While a spa package break in the Lake District may not solve all your concerns immediately, it is a chance to experience a hot tub with qualified experts.


  • Provides Pain Relief – There are a number of reason why the health benefits of a hot tub are perfect for those aches and pains. The controlled temperatures relax muscle tension, while the hydrotherapy settings can act as a full body massage.


Keeping Fit and a Healthy Exercise

Spending time in the hot tub at your spa suite is a relaxing way to improve your health. However, it should also be part of a wider lifestyle. After all, following your spa package break in the Lake District, you don’t want to undo the hard work.

That’s why keeping fit and maintaining healthy exercise is just as important. Even if you don’t have the beautiful backdrop of Cumbria on your doorstep, that’s no excuse! As well as a change in diet, make sure you still get out and about. Whether that be going for a run, walking a set distance every day, or taking a gentle bike ride.

Alternatively, why not sign up to a local gym or if you need a little more encouragement, hire a personal trainer. You can always set goals each month and reward yourself with another spa package break in the Lake District.

Spa Package Break in the Lake District

As part of the Aphrodite’s Lodge Spa Hotel, the Windermere Tranquil Retreat offers a range of spa package breaks in the Lake District. Our spa suites come with hot tubs, relaxation rooms and much more.

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