Happy World Heritage Day from Windermere

Here at the Tranquil Retreat, we wish you a Happy World Heritage Day! If you’re visiting Cumbria for a package break in the Lake District this bank holiday weekend, enjoy your stay.

What is World Heritage Day?

World Heritage Day is on the 18th April, which this year falls just ahead of the Easter Bank Holiday. Incidentally, if you are thinking of a bank holiday package break in the Lake District, there’s always the May Bank Holidays instead.
So what is World Heritage Day? Well, for Cumbria it’s the chance to celebrate the Lake Districts induction into UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.

Famous World Heritage Sites

There are over 850 World Heritage Sites in the world, 31 of which are in the UK. The most recent of which is the Lake District themselves. Rather surprisingly having only been named as such in 2017, even though it’s suitability has been well documented for generations.

Below are 15 of some of the most famous World Heritage Sites in the world, although check the official list for more information.

  • Pyramids of Egypt
  • Great Wall of China
  • Terracotta Army in China
  • Mayan Ruins of Tikal, Guatemala
  • The ruins of Machu Picchu (Peru)
  • Great Barrier Reef, Australia
  • The ancient historic city of Rome, Italy
  • Yellowstone National Park, USA
  • Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA
  • Cinque Terre (Italy)

Things to do in Windermere for World Heritage Day

Book a package break in the Lake District, which of course, you can do throughout the year. While specially arranged talks and events take place specifically for the annual celebration, historic sites and popular attractions are open all year round.

As for the chance to discover the Lake District for yourself, then step out into the open and enjoy the countryside. Walks along the water and hike across the fells, as outlined by Arthur Wainwright, river cruises on Lake Windermere or visiting permanent exhibitions.

If you wish to help spread the word, then writing blogs and publications on the Lake District help promote things to do in Windermere and beyond. Organize your own event, whether that be a spa weekend as part of a package break, or just a day out in Cumbria. Arrange a coach tour, or plan your own walking tour in the Lake District.

Package Break in the Lake District

Enjoy a package break in the Lake District, by staying at your very own spa suite with hot tub. At the Windermere Tranquil Retreat, we have 7 spa suites to choose from. Including our newest edition of the Rose Gold Suite. Which includes a private patio, barrel sauna and one of our popular outdoor hot tubs.

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