Exercise in the Lake District

Exercise in the Lake District

When planning to exercise in the Lake District, it’s often a good idea to schedule an assessment before booking your package break. That’s either by a personal trainer to help improve your fitness levels or booking an appointment to discuss your limits with your local GP.

However not all exercise is about pushing yourself, a package break in the Lake District can involve anything from a brisk walk to swimming in Lake Windermere.

Running in the Lake District

The great things about running in the Lake District is most routes are just as accessible if you just prefer a good walk. There are of course endless combinations for a walking/running route in Cumbria. After all, just take a look at Arthur Wainwrights’ numerous books on walking the fells.

You only need to step it up to a job and you’ll be running in the Lake District in no time. However those of you looking for some competitive running, then there are a number of key dates to look for. Book your package break in the Lake District around country fairs and agricultural shows, they often include cross-country running.

Alternatively, there’s the Coniston and Windermere Marathons, or the Langsdale half marathon. Your spa suite in Windermere will certainly be a welcome treat after those longer distances.

Cycling in the Lake District

Likewise taking a bicycle with you on your package break in the Lake District gives you several of the same options. Although you don’t need to worry about where to lock up your bike, many of our spa suites in Windermere come with private parking or gardens.

Riding in Windermere is beautiful, those cruise along the Lake or up into the many hills and surrounding mountains are met with incredible views. There’s even a dedicated “bike boat” to help keen cyclists cross the water!

Likewise, nearby Kendal also offers popular cycle routes. In particular heading Kirkstone Pass towards Ambleside and onto Keswick. The distance you can cover by bike is quite something, or you can plan circular routes with your spa suite in Windermere as your base.

Swimming in the Lake District

Exercise in the Lake District doesn’t come much more challenging than the Great North Swim from Brockhole on Windermere. While there are a number of smaller races, it’s the 10k that everyone’s talking about.

That said, you can still swim in Lake Windermere pretty much any time of the year. Although beware of the current and changing temperatures during the winter. There are plenty of other places for open water swimming in the Lake District, especially given the various bodies of water available.

If you prefer taking to the water indoors, then by staying at the Windermere Tranquil Retreat you can dive into the pool at Aphrodite’s Lodge.

Package Break in the Lake District

Book a package break in the Lake District with our spa suites at Windermere Tranquil Retreat. Here you can exercise in the Lake District by a short walk down to the great Lake. So if you like to run, swim or cycle in Windermere, there’s something for everyone.

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