Enjoy the Best Breakfast in Windermere

Enjoy the Best Breakfast in Windermere

Start the day with breakfast in Windermere, while on a package break in the Lake District. After all, experts often say it’s the most important meal of the day. What’s more, while staying at spa retreat in Windermere, you’ll be walking it off in no time. Whether it’s a healthy option or a cheap fry up, we take a look at some suggestions on where to enjoy the best breakfast in Windermere.

Aphrodite’s Lodge

We couldn’t list suggestions on where to find the best breakfast in Windermere without mentioning our very own Aphrodite’s Lodge. In fact, while staying at the Windermere Tranquil Retreat, it’s not just breakfast you have access to. So while we are very proud of our breakfasts, you can make use of many other facilities before returning to your hot tub suite.


If you’re looking for somewhere healthy during your package break in the Lake District, then Graze is in a great location. You can take a short walk as part of your morning routine, before sitting down with a cuppa as you read the morning paper. What’s more, the healthy options include a number of vegetarian alternatives for the non-meat eater.


For those of you staying at hotel accommodation near Windermere train station, Booths is the ideal choice. Having been converted from part of the railway itself, the grocery store will provide you with a number of options to start the day. Not only that, but you can always pick up some shopping while you’re there!

The Alpine

As you read this blog post, hopefully, the cold weather is starting to be a distant memory. As such, while you’re planning a package break in the Lake District, it’s time to embrace the surroundings. So what better way than to enjoy breakfast in Windermere than sitting outside in the sunshine at the Alpine.


Another popular place to eat breakfast in Windermere is Brambles on the Main Road. In fact, you will soon discover several cafés scattered within a stone’s throw from one another. However, if you’re saving your budget for those Windermere Spa Treatments, then Brambles is a cheaper option. Possibly one of the best breakfast in Windermere without costing a fortune.

The Pig

If it’s a liquid breakfast you’re after, then the Pig also doubles up as one of the most popular pubs in the region too. While we of course always recommend drinking responsibly, breakfast with a pint may be the treat you deserve. After all, with all that fresh air and an early start, there’s no-one to tell you not too! We must not forget, however, given you’re on a spa break in the Lake District, maybe an orange juice is the safer option.

Book a Package Break in the Lake District

Have you ever wanted to stay at a spa retreat in Windermere? Then book a package break in the Lake District at the Windermere Tranquil Retreat. As well as our existing spa suite, we recently opened another 3 rooms, giving our visitors even more choice. So why not treat yourself or a loved one, and book a package break in the Lake District today.

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