Where is the Best Place for Breakfast in Windermere?

Where is the Best Place for Breakfast in Windermere?

It’s often referred to as the most important meal of the day. So where is the best place for breakfast in Windermere?

The Alpine

You only need to visit Windermere in the summer to see how popular the Alpine is. The outdoor seating means you can enjoy breakfast al fresco. After all, your holiday doesn’t have to be on a tropical island for amazing scenery.
While staying in the Lake District, you’re surrounded by wonderful landscapes and friendly locals. At the Alpine sit and watch the world go by, as you enjoy a relaxing start to your day.

The Pig

Breakfast at the Pig is served from 8am until midday, plus once the bar is open you can always enjoy an early beer. After all, you may be on a healthy spa break in the Lake District, but you can still treat yourself. As long as you drink responsibly of course, what harm is there with a glass of wine with a late breakfast.

Graze in Bowness

While you’re staying in a Spa hotel in Windermere, chances are you’re living a healthy lifestyle. Therefore the best place for breakfast in Windermere may not be a fry-up at the local pub. As such, head to the healthy option at Graze in Bowness.


Situated on the main road, it’s easy enough to reach Homeground from your hot tub hotel. It’s also as good a place for breakfast in Windermere as any. Open from 9am to 3pm it’ the perfect stop for brunch, or grab an afternoon coffee before they close.


Another option along the main road is Brambles. This café is full of character, with prices nice and reasonable for those on a budget. After all, a traditional breakfast in Windermere shouldn’t cost a fortune. In fact, none of our suggestions are likely to be overpriced, plus they often support local businesses.

One of the most popular traditional foods in Cumbria is that of the Cumberland sausage. So if you oversleep at your Spa Suite in Windermere, then don’t worry, then some of your favourites may still appear on the lunch menu.

Aphrodite’s Lodge

As part of the Aphrodite’s Lodge Spa Hotel, it’s no surprise we consider our own kitchen as the best place for breakfast in Windermere. Although of course book a spa suite in Windermere and try our freshly cooked breakfast first hand. Taking pride in using local suppliers and the best ingredients available, breakfast at Aphrodite’s Lodge is the perfect way to start your day. Not only that, but the chances are you won’t find a closer breakfast to your hot tub hotel.

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