Areas to visit in the Lake District

When booking a spa break in the Lake District, venturing outside may not be on your list of priorities. After all, many will say doing as little as possible is just perfect. Even if there are various areas to visit in the Lake District, who are we to judge!

You may be planning to soak the hours away in your hot tub or when your spa suite has its own private garden, you can relax out in the sun. Aphrodite’s Lodge comes with its own spa facilities, which are only a few minute walk from the Windermere Tranquil Retreat.

However even if you’re looking to escape everyday life, you’d be missing out if you didn’t explore a little further into the Lake District countryside. Here are some ideas when looking at areas to visit in the Lake District.

Northern Lake District

Even when staying in the South Lakes, the North really isn’t that far! You can buy a train ticket and enjoy a ride in the country, leaving the car parked outside your Windermere spa suite.

Once you’ve reached the Northern Lake District, make the most of being in the great outdoors. It could be that you take a gentle stroll into the valleys or walk until you reach the next station. With the mountainous terrain you can tell your nearing the Scottish border.

The Southern Fells

If you really don’t want to go too far from your Windermere Tranquil Retreat we don’t entirely blame you! After all, it’s partly why you may choose to stay near Lake Windermere in the first place. The water’s edge is only a brief walk from your dwellings, with plenty of lovely places to tempt you.

Windermere is one of the most popular destinations in Cumbria, so options once you’re out and about are plentiful. If you’re detoxing at a spa retreat in the Lake District and pop out for a glass of wine, we won’t tell anyone!

Thinking of something more challenging, how about climbing Scaffel Pike? Standing at over 970 meters it is England’s tallest mountains. While at a spa retreat in Windermere, you deserve a body massage or relax your muscles with a dip in your hot tub.

Alternative areas to visit in the Lake District

While the Lake District covers a large area of the British countryside, you can reach anywhere with Windermere as your base.

The River Cruises provide a great way to get about without having to worry. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. Make your spa break in the Lake District really special, hire a boat and see where the wind takes you. If however that’s not in your budget, then use the local public transport and venture to the outskirts of Lakeland. You can reach another of the UK’s national parks in the northwest, as part of the Yorkshire Dales.

Book into the Windermere Tranquil Retreat and enjoy a well-deserved break at a spa suite with your own private hot tub.

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